ASUS Announces the ROG Premium Care for Gaming Laptops

ASUS is giving more power to the gamer.


We all know that gaming laptops, as powerful as they are, can be quite pricey. And we want to ensure the best possible care for our beasts if the unexpected occurs.

With that in mind, ASUS took initiative and went the extra mile in providing quality service to all its consumers with the ROG premium care program. Here’s what to expect from the leading brand:


In line with its 10 years of dominance and service excellence, ASUS Philippines last Saturday announced a new service program dubbed as the “ROG Premium Care” that puts advantage to all customers with ROG series and FX series notebook to have direct access to an ASUS technical expert from selected Authorized Service Partner (ASP) for diagnosis and preventive maintenance on their purchased ROG and/or FX series notebooks.

The best part of the ROG Premium Care program will eventually cover all notebooks that have 24-month warranty as long as the Notebook is purchased through authorized local resellers and that the warranty is not void due to customer-induced damage and its Serial Number verified thru ASUS system database.

Staying true to its commitment to provide service excellence for customers, ASUS is dedicated to offer several service options – from extending the length of your standard warranty to on-site repair privilege which would make it a hybrid approach in maintaining the well-being of your product through our premium care program. This sets them apart from all other gaming laptops available in the Philippine market.

“At ASUS we strive to offer the best product experience possible to all our end-users and fans. The ROG Premium Care program is one of the many efforts that we have to better our customer service and it is born out of our passion to provide superior service excellence.” from George Su, Systems Group Country Manager.


To give you a better idea, here’s a breakdown of the 9 step care program for all the ROG and FX users:

The 9-Step ROG Premium Care Maintenance Program        

ROG and FX notebook users will be entailed for the premium care program and will undergo the following preventive maintenance steps:

Step 1:    Over-All System Diagnosis

Step 2:    Thermal Compound Re-pasting

Step 3:    Fan / Air Vent cleaning

Step 4:    Memory “golden pins” cleaning

Step 5:    Keyboard Cleaning

Step 6:    Cosmetics Part Cleaning  

Step 7:    LCD Cleaning

Step 8:    Recommendations

Step 9:    Final Over-All System Check-Up

Now that’s service! For those curious on where to look for a service center that’s near your area, you can check out this link.