Bandai is Bringing Back the Tamagotchi


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Apparently a lot of ye olde stuff are having second chances in life nowadays. So far we’ve seen the NES and SNES¬†both get classic editons…


There’s also a 1996 Slam Dunk calendar getting a reprint for 2018…


…Even the Nokia 3310 got rez’ed with an updated look. So what’s the next forgotten fad to hatch this time around?


Marking the toy’s 20th anniversary, Bandai is bringing back the Tamagotchi for a limited time with a special anniversary edition! These egg-shaped toys will come in various designs and colors as seen in the picture above.

From the looks of it, nothing much has changed in terms of its form and function. So expect the same food-devouring, poop-cleaning mono-colored action you so vividly remember.


In today’s technology filled with smartphones and related gadgets, are you still Egg-cited? Or would you rather have it die a digital death?

Expect the Tamagotchi to hit stores this November 5, 2017 for around $15. You can check their product lineup here.

Source: Engadget