ESGS Raises the Heights of Gaming LITERALLY! | ESGS 2017 Event Walkthrough

The bar has been raised... literally!

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It’s the FINAL DAY of the eSports and Gaming Summit 2017 meaning it’s your last chance to experience all the geeky awesomeness as well as play all the games that the event has to offer.

There is one thing that really stood out about this year’s ESGS and it’s the HEIGHT of the booths in ESGS! A lot of the structures TOWER above the con goers.

The PlayStation Booth forms one whole block of awesome console gaming with their tall structure housing various games – all ready to be played and tested by the public.

MSI catches the crowds attention as their signage towers over them – bringing attention to their cool Auctions!


The Synergy88 booth had a tower with their very own DJ!

The Caster’s Area is elevated above ground giving the camera a good view of the stage right behind the casters

Of course, the Fighting Game clashes are always a sight to behold! And you’ll definitely see it when you go through the Brawlfest area!

The MESA’s (Mobile eSports Arena) Big Screen calls attention to everyone passing by as they show the epic battles that go on.


Wanna see more? Here’s a quick photo tour of what’s going down!


There’s still time today! Make sure you head on down to the SMX Convention Center to catch the last day of action at the ESGS! We promise you won’t regret it!