Get Ready for an Epic Geek Weekend! | ESGS 2017 + ASUS ROG Masters Regional Finals ALL IN SMX!

The biggest Geek Weekend of the Year is upon us!

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This could very well be the GEEKIEST Weekend of the Year as Two Major Geek Events are happening AT THE SAME TIME AND THE SAME PLACE! Yep, both the eSports and Gaming Summit 2017 (ESGS 2017) and the ASUS ROG Masters Regional Finals are happening this weekend and will both be in the SMX Convention Center!

This is Ground Zero for this weekend’s mega ultra geek event extravaganza!


To say that you shouldn’t miss these events would be AN UNDERSTATEMENT! Seriously, there’s so much awesomeness happening for both events that you’ll definitely want to be a part of. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going down.


ASUS ROG Masters Regional Finals

The entire event will house the finals for the DOTA 2 and CS:GO ASUS ROG Masters competitions. 16 Professional Teams from 13 Countries will be battling it out to advance to the final stage in China. This event will let you witness battles of epic proportions as they contend to be the very best.


Aside from the awesome eSports battles that will be taking place, there are plenty of giveaways and deals that will be available in the event itself.


And then of course, you have your favorite ASUS ROG Geek personalities over there to add even more hype to the event.

Best of all? Entrance is FREE! So there’s seriously no reason for you to not go if you’re already at SMX.


ESGS 2017

And then there’s ESGS. Located in the same building as the ASUS ROG Masters Regional Finals, the eSports and Gaming Summit will feature a huge array of gaming and eSports activities. Unlike the ROG Masters, ESGS will have a door charge BUT believe me when I tell you that it’ll be WELL WORTH IT.


There will be a butt-load of game demos to try out and you can expect freebies and swag to rain down during the event. Big name game publishers and developers will also be present to wet your appetite for their upcoming games. And of course, the spirit of competition will be very much alive as you see various game competitions and eSports happen throughout the entire event weekend.


But wait, there’s more! MUCH MORE! There will also be a cosplay competition where you can join and/or admire the awesome cosplays of competitors and guests. Brawlfest will also be part of the program where you can witness sick fighting matches and brutal beatdowns! And then there’s the Indie Arena where you can see up and coming developers showcase amazing indie works!


While that all sounds awesome, trust that there will be more surprises in ESGS and we can’t stress enough that you DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT!

It’s also pretty convenient, right? You just have to be in one place and you’ll get to experience both! Best clear your weekend plans, gather your friends, and head on over to the SMX Convention Center to experience the MOST AWESOME GEEK WEEKEND OF THE YEAR! See you there!