It’s Absolute Mayhem in Gintama Rumble for the PS4!

A whirlwind of flashy animation and fast-paced action in the latest Gintama game

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Gintama fans, are you ready to get it on til the crack of dawn?! Because the most highly anticipated trend-setting game will be available on the 18th of January all over Southeast asia for the PS4! That’s right, I’m talking about none other than the fast-paced action game Gintama Rumble (includes Japanese voice over and English subtitles)!


In Gintama Rumble, you take on the role of one of the well-loved characters from the series and do battle against countless enemies. Gameplay is almost akin to that of the Warriors Franchise (Dynasty, Samurai, Hyrule, etc) where you blast through mobs of baddies and work your way towards an objective and/or boss battle. Of course, the game still features the anime kind of action you love.   


With regard to music, SPYAIR will be composing and performing the music for the game. Their theme song ‘Scramble‘ is upbeat, fast-paced, and thrilling which fits perfectly together with the gameplay. Checkout their video message below.

Lastly, the Gintama Rumble Day-1 Bonus item has been revealed! The item was voted on by gamers and fans with the top choice for Day-1 bonus item ending up to be…

*drum roll*

The DLC code for Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon!

The following rules and regulation applies:

  • Game contents or design may change without prior notice.
  • Day-1 bonus are limited in quantity and distributed while stock last.
  • Some retailers may not have the product code. Please check with your local retailers before purchase. Please don’t look for us.
  • Redemption requires a PlayStation®4 with internet connection and an active Sony Entertainment Network account.
  • Product code has a validity period.
  • Day-1 bonus DLC comes with the initial package release only.
  • Day-1 bonus DLC is available for the digital release as well. However, it will only be available until 14 February 2018, 2359 hours (tentative).

The game will be available for both physical and digital for the PS4 throughout Southeast Asia.