Pre-Registration for Garena’s Arena of Valor MOBA is Now Open

Is this the next big thing in Mobile MOBA?

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MOBA fans have something new to look forward to for the Android and iOS this October. Garena, an online platform for popular games such as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth announces Arena of Valor, its first entry into the massive online battle arena game designed for smartphones and tablets. Check out the video below:


Developed by Tencent Games and originally launched in Taiwan as Strike of Kings, AoV is a 10 player, 5 vs 5 team game where you try to destroy the opposing team’s main structure to win a match.


The game is said to have at least 3 game modes with 30 unique characters with variable powers. Not all characters are available at the start but they can be unlocked by regularly playing the game.


Pre-Registration is now open for players who want to get some exclusive rewards before the game formally launches this month. You can sign up by clicking this link.