That Stronghold of Suffering is BACK! | Takeshi’s Castle Returns to TV

Now why do I have the sudden urge to eat MENTOS and ride a tank!?

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During the 80’s and 90’s in the Philippines, long before Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior dominated the airwaves, Takeshi’s Castle provided all the pointless hurt and painful amusement that got everyone hooked back then.


Remember those stepping stones where the contestants had to run at full speed only to find out that some of the steps were compromised and made of Styrofoam? That was fun.


Or how about that nasty labyrinth where aside from the trouble of finding out the exit…

One or two hulking bouncers are hunting you down only to put mud on your face.


Or how about crossing a very high and narrow bridge where cannonballs constantly hit you while you cross!


Well guess what? It’s coming back! A reboot is well on the way as part of Comedy Central. Check out the teaser below:


This time around the location is set in Thailand where 100 contestants duke it out in hopes of conquering the castle. Radio personality Jonathan Ross will provide the color commentary.


For now not much detail was been spilled, but from the looks of the teaser video it seems like the old but classic courses are poised to make a comeback as well!


Personally I’ll make sure to keep an eye on this because it was really a big part of my formative years growing up, as I tried to replicate some of the stunts at my old home with my friends (yeah I know don’t try this at home).

I hope that as the show returns, the nostalgic feeling does too.


Now why do I have the sudden urge to buy MENTOS?

Thanks to The Guardian.