Will Smith gets jiggy with some new magical beings in this featurette for the upcoming Netflix film, Bright!

Modern day Warcraft!

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We’ve seen the future with flying cars, teleportation devices, and all of that space age technology but how about a world where humans live alongside magical beings like fairies and elves? Well imagine no more as this upcoming Netflix film is going to show us just that as Bright is set to hit screens on December! Check out the latest clip from the film!

In this latest sneak peek, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton reveal the unique partnership between their characters Officer Ward and Officer Jakoby. Director David Ayer showcases how these two mismatched partners anchor the story, explaining that “the most important thing about this film is the relationship between Will and Joel.”

This December, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton bring the heat (and some hardcore deadly magic) to fans across the world in the Netflix film Bright. Directed by David Ayer, known for the box-office hits such as Suicide Squad and Training Day, this action-thriller follows the story of two LAPD police officers played by Smith (Officer Ward) and Edgerton (Officer Jakoby). In Bright, the unlikely duo are working around the clock to keep the mean streets of Los Angeles safe from a sinister underworld filled with gang violence and dark forces at work.

Bright will be available in select theaters and on Netflix starting December 22nd, 2017 and visit the official site for more details on this upcoming hit!