Get some awesome Playstation Store deals using your… Playstation Trophies?

I'm playing games so I can buy more games!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

That’s right folks, now your trophies are actually worth more than just a notch on your profile! A Sony Rewards┬áprogram update allows users to turn in their beloved PSN Trophies for credits which you can use to purchase anything they fancy on their respective PSN Store!

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 100 Silver Trophies = 100 Rewards Points
  • 25 Gold Trophies = 250 Rewards Points
  • 10 Platinum Trophies = 1,000 Rewards Points
  • 1,000 Rewards Points = 10$ PSN Store Credit

That’s a LOT of trophies needed to actually purchase a full priced game but hey, it’s something, and you can always play more games to actually… play more games! There are other ways to earn rewards points┬ábut there’s a catch to all of this! Right now the offer is limited to the US Playstation accounts and trophies are earned on a yearly basis (trophies for 2017 are different from 2018 trophies). Check out the FAQ’s for more details and let’s hope our Asian Sony Playstation Store accounts get some love as well!