New Internet Provider in the PH, XNET offers GREAT DEALS on Upload and Download Speeds!

    Affordable Internet with good Download AND Upload? Sign me up!


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    So this was a treat. I saw this little flyer being distributed and, wow, did it catch my eye. It seems like a new Internet Provider named XNET is here and is offering some AMAZING INTERNET PACKAGES!


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    Okay. Because I was really curious, I called their office and started asking questions to clarify the packages / features. Here’s the info I was able to gather:

    • Yes, they have no data caps whatsoever
    • Yes, no lock-ins. You just have to pay an initial equipment fee.
    • SYMMETRICAL UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD – This was the BEST part of the whole thing. This means that whatever your download speed is, that too will be your upload speed! So if your plan is 4 mbps, then that means you’ll have 4mbps download and 4mbps upload which is AMAZING for content creators, virtual assistants, etc.
    • Wireless Fiber means that a receiver of sorts is installed on the roof of the building to catch the signal and then fiber wires are then used to disseminate this to users
    • Initial fee will consist of the following:
      • The payment for the first month
      • Equipment cost of around PHP 3,000
      • 12% Tax


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    It seems that XNET is still in their initial trial stages before they offer their services to a wider range of areas. At this point, their only trial residence is GA Tower (along EDSA near Boni MRT) so if you live there, consider yourself lucky (hopefully) to get to test out the service for yourself. The current payment methods are also only via Paypal and Paymaya.

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    Hopefully, this all goes well and the service becomes more developed (and actually launches to other parts of Metro Manila. But all the same, it’s nice to see that services like this are popping up. It gives us a good hope for the future of gaming, eSports, content creation, etc. in the PH!

    Check them out for yourselves:

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    Rob Yatco
    Rob Yatco
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    1. Hey Guys,

      I just came across this and wanted to let you all know of our experience with Xnet. I operate a business based at One Miguel Building. Previously we’d been using WifiCity who were providing us with 10Mbps/10Mbps fiber line – yes we were getting 10/10 however as it was a business line (basically less people sharing the potential bandwidth) we were paying PHP57,000/mth. I know this is way above what any of you expect to pay however we recently switched over to Xnet who are providing us with a 20Mbps/20Mbps line for around PHP28,000 ie twice the band width for half the price we were paying WifiCity for a 10/10 line.

      The customer service we’ve received out of Xnet has been exceptional ie the one issue we’ve had they had a tech in our office within the hour and then continued to monitor the service overnight and gave me a call in the morning to let me know how things were. Never had that from any provider either here in the Philippines or back in Australia.

      If you have the chance to use them then jump at the chance. If not, I know they’re looking at providing services to more buildings – start petitioning you’re body corporate to get them in and break the “Plobe” strangle hold.



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