Nintendo Shows Us that Super Mario Odyssey is the Musical Performance We All Need to Happen!

    A live Mayor Pauline Performance would be AMAZING too!


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    Super Mario Odyssey has been making waves ever since its launch. It’s received almost perfect game ratings across the board and has been recognized as a solid contender (if not THE contender) for Game of the Year. One of the features most beloved by fans is how it has a VOICED OPENING THEME called “Jump Up, Super Star!” and it’s SUPER CATCHY! Recently though, Nintendo has been releasing videos that is making us realize that WE NEED A FULL LIVE PERFORMANCE of Mario Oddysey’s “Jump Up, Super Star” in our lives right now! 


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    These were just SIMPLY TOO GOOD! We had them on repeat so many times. They released an ad for Super Mario Odyssey that featured a musical theme to it. Best of all, it even sort of showed a live Mayor Pauline (which we now really want to happen btw)!


    They even did a performance to celebrate their launch in New York City! Let the dancing commence!


    If you want to see the in-game performance of “Jump Up, Super Star!”, you can check out this video. Needless to say, the experience in-game is EPIC.


    Please make it happen, Nintendo! Many of us fans would love to see a live performance of that… and would be curious who you’d cast as Mayor Pauline 😀

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