Spotted @ ESGS 2017! | Personalities and Celebrities of Gaming and Geekery

The Lodis of Geek and Gaming!

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ESGS is over and done with. And it was unquestionable a damn good experience! Not only was there eye candy everywhere in terms of games and attractions, but the who’s who of Gaming was also there from celebrities to streamers and more! Here’s a quick look at who we spotted during ESGS 2017! 

GG Hosts Allyza Taylor and Wolf


Senator Bam Aquino visits ESGS and poses in the Long Live Play Booth!


It is just 2EZ for BossMac of B2G!


Brandon “The Truth” Vera letting out his inner geek!


Best Hype Man and Host Eri Neeman!


Pilipinas Represent! COD WW2 Art Director Joe Salud from Sledgehammer Games!


Streamer, eSports Influencer, and Cosplayer – Josette!


Streamer and Cosplayer Kitz Cua


Streamer and Cosplayer OMGLuie striking that very familiar Alexa Bliss pose!


Streamer, YouTuber, and GG host – PacoMNL!


A wild RikuPH and Asurai appears!


Another pic of Streamer and caster RikuPH!


Getting ready for a GG Network Segment – JustARamdomDude, RikuPH, Een Mercado, and Wolf!


Believe us, there were more but, sadly, we weren’t able to find them 🙁 But yea, if you missed this year’s ESGS, you owe it to yourself to make sure you get to go next year! Not only will you have awesome games to play, but you may just meet your geek lodis there! 😉