Gumi Inc.’s Game Worlds Collide! The Alchemist Code and Brave Frontier Crossover Event is Ongoing!

The Alchemist Code and Brave Frontier crossover event promises a ton of surprises for players of both mobile games!

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Gumi Inc. has brought us epic mobile games in Brave Frontier and The Alchemist Code, but it looks like they’re not stopping there! The two worlds collide as Gumi Inc. gives us the The Alchemist Code and Brave Frontier crossover event!


Tons of in-game goodies are in store for players of both Brave Frontier and The Alchemist Code, as characters from each game leave their universe and cross into the other! What can players expect? Here’s a quick rundown!

  • Brave Frontier players will be able to summon the Imperial Guard commander Chloe and the knowledgeable mage Lofia from The Alchemist Code!
  • A new vortex dungeon will be open to Brave Frontier players, and successfully completing this stage will net you Envylia’s Blue Flame Guard swordsman Logi for free! That’s right, free!


  • The Alchemist Code players can obtain the fabled heroes Selena and Vargas from Brave Frontier!
  • Vargas’ and Selena’s legendary weaponsDandelga and Lexida respectively – will also be available in The Alchemist Code. Enhance your arsenal and unlock the fabled heroes’ true potential!
  • Log in daily on both games to receive bonuses and milestone rewards, including Gems, Gold Ingots, Elemental Crystals and Summon Tickets among others!


That’s a lot of free stuff that can boost your lineup in both games! So what are you waiting for? Get those smartphones out and get in on the The Alchemist Code and Brave Frontier crossover event rewards!

Brave Frontier and The Alchemist Code are available free for download on the Apple Store and on Google Play.