5 Things to Geek Out On With The Upcoming Nike PG-2 and PlayStation Sneakers Collab

This is every gamer's dream shoe!

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You know that geek is in when geekery bleeds into mainstream lifestyle brands. Take for example the widely leaked Dragon Ball x Adidas collab that got the sneaker community and hardcore fans of the franchise into a fan-frenzied state!

And today, just a couple of hours ago, Sony and Nike dropped the bomb on their latest collab that was received with glowing (pun intended) adoration. Behold. The PlayStation x Nike PG-2.


So let’s breakdown the features of the shoe that every gamer would want to cop!

LED-Lighted Logos

Probably the most obvious feature is the lighted Paul George symbol, the Oklahoma City Thunder Guard who’s collaborating with this release (obviously), and the PlayStation logo. There’s a power button that can trigger any of the 2 lighting modes — ON or Pulse. So yes, it glows. The LED is said to have a battery life of 150 hours. After that, we’re not sure how to go about changing batteries.


The love for the biggest-selling gaming console goes beyond just a logo on the shoe’s tongue, various design elements from the PlayStation is scattered around the PG-2. PlayStation classic colored eyelets, PlayStation button symbols surrounding the patent leather casing, and the PlayStation Galaxy theme/ motif on the Midsole.


The PG-2 is equipped with a Nike Zoom Airbag for the added cushion and support that your feet will be getting. The insoles are specially designed with the psychedelic PlayStation Galaxy while the outsoles are infused with the Nike PG logo to add traction (and leave some branded footprints whenever you can).


Announced on the PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation X Nike PG-2 will be getting 2 colorways. While the OG colorway (the one with the swoosh in some sort of neon red) gives the shoe more pop, the teal one makes the PlayStation x Nike PG-2 seem easier to pair. Still both colorways are amazing and I now can’t decide fully which one I reaallly want. Maybe get two? :p


Hammering the collaboration even further, the PlayStation x Nike PG-2 comes with a PSN barcode- design that actually has a working (and usable) PSN code to unlock the Paul George Dynamic theme on your PS4.


The PlayStation x Nike PG-2 is set to drop in highly limited quantities this February 10. As someone who raided New Era for the limited PlayStation Caps collaboration, suffice to say, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!

For more on the Nike PG-2 x PlayStation and a little more info about Paul George, his love for videogames and how that transpired into this nifty little collab (as well as a throwback to the old AirForce 1 and PS collab) headover to Unpacked.ph.