Asia Pacific Game Summit Gives Insights on the Future of Japanese Gaming

Fresh off from Taipei Game Show 2018

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Taiwan – Fresh off from Taipei Game Show (which is still happening now by the way), speakers from the Asia Pacific Game Summit gave the event-goers their time to discuss some developments with regards to the Japanese Gaming Industry in its current developments moving forward.

Here are our takes from the talk:

Discussing business strategies of gaming industries, tracing back the development track of VR/AR

Taiwan, with the unique geographic advantage, is the hub and business gateway to connecting Northeast and Southeast Asia. Taipei Computer Association (TCA) created Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS) to facilitate exchanges among gaming industries across the Asia Pacific region. The conference will be once again held in Japan on September 22, 2017 at APA HOTEL & RESORT TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI ELITA. The conference first goes to review the current status of virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) technologies and their business models in the future.


Asia-Pacific takes the major part in 100 -B illion USD Global Game Market

According to Newzoo, the global game market is now over US$100 billion, with Asia Pacific accounting for the largest share around USD$51.2 billion, 47%. Because of this, the organizer invites App Annie (Japan), global app analytics leader, to share their insights on the latest trends in the APAC mobile game market, showing developers how to make the strategies in order to gain traction and survive in such a highly competitive market.

As the amount of gamers keep increasing worldwide, game publishers are aggressively looking for chances to expand their scale. While understanding specific needs of individual markets is mandatory, localized business strategies are even more important. For this, the organizer invites KOEI TECMO TAIWAN, Wegames Japan, and X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN to share their experiences of Taiwan-Japan collaboration in game market.

Also, the organizer has added VR/AR sessions to the agenda, and invited Taiwan’s technology heavyweight, HTC, to discuss the current status of VR. The final session will be held as a panel, dedicated VR arcade provider “JPW”, VR/AR immersive experience creator “Formosoft” and expert in combining motion capture with VR “Crescent”, will be the panelists to give the audience a review on how VR’s has come this far.


From the looks of it, Virtual and Augmented reality is here to stay as of of the driving forces in video games. And with how the way things are going and with so much of these types of games lining up at the Taipei game show, this is slowly shaping up to be an absolute reality.