Detective Pikachu 3DS Game Launches This March!

Detective Pikachu is on the case!

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Nintendo, along with the Pokemon Company announced last Friday that a brand-new Pokémon game titled Detective Pikachu will have a western release this coming March 18. Along with the announcement came a new trailer that they streamed during the reveal. See below:


From the Pokemon company:

An action-adventure title, Detective Pikachu finds the hero of the title – a unique Pikachu in the Pokémon world – partnering with Tim Goodman and searching for evidence and clues to solve a series of cases, whilst also investigating the disappearance of Tim’s father, Harry Goodman.
When he arrives in Ryme City looking for his missing father, little does Tim know he would meet a Pikachu, but more amazingly a Pikachu who he could communicate with. There’s more to this Pikachu than a detective hat – he’s one lovably gruff, tough-talking sleuth, with a taste for good coffee.

This Pikachu claims that he worked with Tim’s father, and the two pair up to discover his whereabouts. Together, Tim and Detective Pikachu will encounter a number of mysteries in Ryme City and will need to talk to witnesses and gather their testimony in order to discover the truth. Cases that would be impossible for Tim to solve alone can be cracked with the help of this Pikachu, because he is able to obtain vital clues and information from other Pokémon.


Additionally, a new Detective Pikachu amiibo figure will release alongside the game. From the looks of it, the size will definitely be larger than your standard amiibo.

For those waiting for the live-action Pokémon film based on the same title, you might want to stick to the game first as it will open on May 10, 2019, with Ryan Reynolds voicing the titular Pokemon.