4 Anime Love Stories that will inspire you to be a better you!

These anime couples had to work hard to get to where they are!

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Love isn’t one-sided! Strong ideal relationships are between two people who treat each other as equals! But no one becomes better without struggle. We have to grow to become who we want to be and here are the stories you have to know if you want to be a better you!


1. Nodame Cantabile – Nodame and Chiaki

The carefree spirit and the perfectionist! Nodame only thought about her own emotions and Chiaki only thought about his fears and failures. We have to accept help from other people. Other people have different perspectives we might not be able to see. With each other’s help, Nodame learned about work ethic and purpose while Chiaki learned to get over his hubris. Separately, Nodame and Chiaki are just prodigies. Together they are unstoppable! 

2. ToraDora – Taiga and Ryu

Both Taiga and Ryu have headstrong personalities! Taiga’s emotions get the better of her and Ryu has a hard time getting people to look past his intimidating looks. They both look for other people who they think will understand themselves but they both turn away the people that can help them. Sometimes you have to admit you’ve made mistakes. Whether it’s how you look or how you act people are willing to move on and help you if you can say you’re wrong. Maturity isn’t how you look or act. Maturity is knowing you can be better.

3. Kimi no Todoke – Sawako and Shota

Sawako’s nickname is Sadako! And not for a good reason. People are scared of how gloomy she can look! You can have good intent but if you don’t speak up and stand up for yourself then people can assume the worst! Be confident! Outside your comfort zone are the friends you want to make and the people you want to meet. If you’re kind and confident then there’s a whole world out there waiting to be yours. Sawako sees Shota as a confident popular guy but even Shota has feelings of insecurity when he acts. Act kind and be confident and the world will take notice.

4. Steins;Gate – Kurisu and Okabe

This couple’s bond transcends time itself! But that doesn’t mean their relationship is easy. Kurisu cares for her career and science; Okabe cares about his gadgets and time travel. Even if they seem at odds against each other, their interactions imply feelings for each other that everyone can see. You have to recognize a good thing when it’s in front of you. We’ve only got so many opportunities in life to act. Nothing will be around forever. It’s not like history can repeat itself after all!


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