‘All Wrong’ Gaming Ad Triggers Geek Netizens | Joke or Genius?

This ad was just wrong... or was it TOO WRONG?

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Last Friday (February 23, 2018), Geeks all over the internet were triggered by the Social Media post of a certain Sardine brand which featured an image that was just wrong on so many levels.


Mega Creations Sardines posted this image on their Facebook Page wishing everyone a good weekend by playing your favorite games (while eating sandwiches with their sardines in it). However, this image was AMAZINGLY WRONG. In case you can’t identify it for yourself, here’s what’s wrong:

  1. The image shows what looks like a PlayStation 4 controller being used to play a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a Nintendo Switch Game.
  2. The PlayStation controller has the Triangle, Square, X buttons where the D-Pad is supposed to be
  3. The X and Square buttons are not in the proper positions. X is supposed to be the bottom button and Square is supposed to be on the left where the thumb is
  4. Usage of a proprietary image like that of Breath of The Wild for advertising purposes will get you in trouble. Even with the blur, the game is still unmistakably Breath of the Wild.
  5. ‘Enjoy a Weekend Gaming Time’ as an ad copy… could be worded better.


Of course, people (especially gamer geeks) immediately caught on to these errors and were quick to let Mega Creations know what they thought.


While some called out the absurdity of the image, some did mention that the image looks TOO WRONG… that maybe it was intentional. 


As of yesterday (February 25, 2018), Mega Creations Sardines has issued an apology ALONG WITH A NINTENDO SWITCH GIVEAWAY.


What do you think? Was it just a mistake or could this have been their plan all along? O_O Share your thoughts with us at the comments below!