Japanese Figure Skating Pair Just Brought Yuri On Ice To The 2018 Winter Olympics!

So what did you do this Valentines season?

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PyeongChang, South Korea – So what did you do this Valentines season? I’m going to bet that it is nothing compared to this!

Japanese figure skating pair Ryuichi Kihara and Miu Suzaki literally shredded (pun intended) the competition as they took a piece of home with them when they performed to the sound of Yuri on Ice, a very popular anime in Japan. Watch and be awed in the video below:



Kihara and Suzaki, dressed in matching ensembles, amazed fans the moment the iconic track played over the rink.



It was so amazing that even the series creator Mitsurou Kubo thanked the lovely pair for taking the song to a whole new level and that is to bring it to an Olympic stage.


Stunning, isn’t it? Although the duo placed eighth during the day 1 pairs competition, I’m pretty sure they landed top prize in everyone’s hearts.