Ookla: PH internet speeds are getting faster and faster!

Internet Service Providers like PLDT have been upping their game!

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Worried your streaming and download speed has been slow lately? Fret no more! According to Ookla, company behind speedtest.net, the Philippines’ average download speed went from 10.16 Mbps to 15.67 Mbps in just a year’s time! Even upload speed increased from 7.28 Mbps to 13.53 Mbps in the same time period!


It’s not just luck! More companies like PLDT have been deploying more fiber facilities and even upgrading the copper wired infrastructure to faster hybrid fiber connections! By 2019, we could see all of PLDT’s copper-based DSL subscribers have speeds rivaling fiber today! And who knows how fast fiber will be in the future!


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