Purchase Final Fantasy XV on Steam and unlock the Half-Life pack!

Unlock the Half-Life pack for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Itching to swing the ol’ crowbar one more time? If you pre-order or purchase Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on Steam before May 1st, 2018, you’ll get the exclusive Half-Life pack! Featuring Gordon Freeman’s HEV Suit, his iconic Crowbar and a nifty pair of Scientist’s Glasses, this pack will have you kicking monster butt in style! This gear can even be used when the FFXV Multiplayer Expansion arrives!


This is in addition to the other Steam pre-order exclusives! Don’t wait! Make sure to place your order before Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition arrives on March 6th, 2018!

Have you already picked where you’re pre-ordering from? Each storefront has an exclusive pre-order bonus!

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Don’t think you can run Windows Edition on your computer? Consider getting Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition!