Who is the Black Panther? Here are 4 Facts you NEED to know before watching the film!

Black Panther is bringing the cattitude to the big screen!

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With the incoming movie just days away, Black Panther is set to take center stage in cinemas on February 14 and the hype is at an all time high! He might not be as popular as Captain America and Iron Man but you cannot deny that Black Panther is a certified superhero and the upcoming film will be a blockbuster hit! Check out the trailer below and if you need a primer on who Black Panther is, these are the facts you need to know!


1. Black Panther is the King of Wakanda!

Wakanda is no backwater country. In fact, Wakanda is the most technologically advanced country on Earth! With ground breaking technology in large part to Vibranium and their highly civilized culture, Wakanda has beaten all enemies who would threaten its borders while still respecting other nations’ borders! Hail to the king, baby!


2. Black Panther wears advanced technology from head to toe!

Vibranium is the world’s strongest material! You know how Captain America’s shield is made from vibranium? Imagine entire suit of invincible metal! Not even Wolverine’s adamantium claws can beat Black Panther’s claws of vibranium!


3. Black Panther’s royal guard are all badass women!

Not only does Wakanda have advanced tech and a kickass king, Wakanda is home to smart and capable women! The Dora Milaje or “the Adored Ones” come from all across Wakanda’s different tribes and fight to protect their king! These warriors can take out anyone unworthy to take on the Black Panther even Doctor Doom himself! Now that’s girl power!


4. Black Panther takes on a dangerous villain named Killmonger!

Erik Killmonger, also known as N’Jadaka, was once a child on Wakanda until his family got banished by the Wakandan King after the attack by Ulysses Klaw. Killmonger vowed revenge and spent his time honing his fighting skills and technological know how to be able to stand toe to toe with T’Challa himself!


Haven’t got a date yet for Valentine’s day? Or better yet, don’t know what to do? Well then head on over to your nearest cinemas and get yourself good seats as Marvel’s Black Panther arrives in cinemas on February 14th, 2018! Don’t miss this claw-some film as the setup to the Infinity War draws to a close!