5 geeky finds you can score over at Comic Con Asia 2018!

These guys can take my money!

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It’s that time of the year again where the geeky conventions invade the local scene! With the more established cons a few months away, newcomer Comic Con Asia 2018 happens this weekend and with Day 1 done, we’ve done the rounds for you so you know what to expect for Day 2 and hey, we’ve found some pretty interesting stuff out there for you to spend your cold hard cash on!



Headquarters is an up and coming geek store that will serve to satiate your merchandise appetite! With a varied selection of apparel, trinkets, toys, and other awesome items, Headquarters will soon be a blackhole for your wallet! What’s good about all their merch is that they are all licensed, so you can be assured that all the items you purchase is made with the best quality and is 100% legit! Check them out over at 9th Avenue corner 36th Street, Uptown Mall!


Geek Universe

Not geek enough? Why not accessorize from head to toe in your favorite fandom? With Geek Universe and their wide selection of accessories and apparel, you can! They’ve got wallets, shirts, bags, caps, even slippers! You’ll be literally draped from head to toe, dressed loud and proud like the geek you truly are! If you want to check out more of their offerings, head on over to their online shop!



Ahh Filbars, a veritable household name for geeks. They’ve been around for quite a while now, but for Comic Con Asia, they’ve got tremendous deals for everyone! Check out their wide selection of graphic novels, art books, comics, and toys all at absolutely rock bottom prices! If you don’t hurry, that comic book you’ve been eyeing might just be taken by another lucky geek! Some graphic novels go as low as around 200-300php so if you’re still reading this, head on out and take advantage of these amazing deals!



If you’re a Final Fantasy fanatic like me, then you’ll freak out at those awesome looking Final Fantasy trading cards that Ludus has on display at the event! They’ve got packs and boxes available, so get ready to make your wallet cry! A wide selection of trading card games are available as well to satisfy your TCG appetite so if it’s card games you want, then Ludus has got you covered!


Stan Lee!!!???

Ok well maybe not the man himself since he is currently recuperating and I’m sure along with all our fellow geeks in the whole world, we wish the man himself a speedy recovery! If you want the next best thing, these Stan Lee merchandise are too awesome to pass up on! They are a little pricey, but if you are a TRUE BELIEVER just like us, well then these will certainly bring a smile to your face! Excelsior indeed!

It’s the last day for Comic Con Asia 2018 and if you haven’t yet, today will be the last time to check out these awesome finds! We’ll see you here? More like we’ll see you here!