Devil May Cry’s Dante is Coming to Monster Hunter: World Soon!

Deviljho may dine with them soon.

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DMC fans are in for a treat as Monster Hunter: World’s next game crossover will be coming from one of their own again. Check out the video above!


Yep, that’s another “monster hunter” alright. Devil May Cry’s Dante enters the world of Astera! Based on the video above players will be able to equip the protagonists Dante’s weapons (did you see that transforming sword), and, of course, wear his flashy costume!

No news on when the event quest will drop just yet, but we might get more details when the special broadcast for the game streams today. So stay tuned.


For now, those who aren’t acquainted yet with this bad boy can try out the Devil Mat Cry HD Collection that is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.