Massive Haul, Discounts and New Community Activities Revealed during Gaming Library’s 7th Birthday!

Things just keep getting better! Good job!

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Gaming Library celebrated its 7th Year Anniversary last February 28, 2018 at Spectre Manila. The party was tons of fun, exciting games, and loads of discounted board game treasures! And it was the most exciting birthday party for any board game enthusiasts.

It was a full house of enthusiasts at Spectre Manila for the celebration of Gaming Library, the event started with a house blessing followed by a keynote speech from Gaming Library’s Chief Meeple Hans Kenner Fernandez. Hans started his keynote with a short lookback on what happened throughout the years with GL followed by the launch of 3 exciting programs!

Photo c/o Gaming Library facebook page

Photo c/o Gaming Library facebook page

Gaming Library’s New Programs:

  1. GL Tabletop Scholarship Program (Learn. Study. Teach. Play)

In line with Gaming Library’s mission to reach out to kids and families to play board games again, they launched the GL Tabletop Scholarship Program. It aims to educate gamers of the newest released board games to influence and encourage their friends and families to play. In relation to this, they are also launching the NDA Wednesday at their Taste and Play Room (Spectre Manila) wherein they will play new board games prior its release date.

2. The Collective

The Collective Program enables board gamers the chance to make better informed decisions in their growing collection.

How it works:

  • Rent the item for one week for 10% of its SRP
  • Return the item and decide if you want to buy it – if you do, you can buy a brand new copy that will be discounted by the rental fee (10%)
  • Rental is extendable up to 3x!

The Nitty Gritty:

  • To continue developing the program there will be a one-time Php 1,500  subscription or security fee
  • Gold members of Gaming Library will have the subscription fee waived
  • Only 1 board game per member can be rented at any time

And the good news to this is that more and more board game publishers are signing up and pledging to support the program! So expect new released games for rent!


3. Buy Back Board Games

Gaming Library will now offer the chance for you to sell your pre-loved board games in exchange for Gaming Library credits to get new games! This will help the Collective program and help other board gamers get games at a cheaper price!

How it works:

  • Make sure that your board game is still in its pristine condition and complete set with box
  • Drop off your games at Gaming Library greenbelt and they will appraise your game for you

For those who are interested in any of these programs you may visit their site at or send them your inquiry at or at their facebook page.

Aside from the launch of the new programs, GL also revealed that soon they will be implementing a hologram seal on each board game that goes through Gaming Library so that they can help consumers to determine which is real and which is fake. This is coming in Q2 2018 at Toycon.

Big Discounts!

The event was also full of discounts, did I say discounts? This is no ordinary discount but a really really huge discount! To celebrate their 7th birthday, GL sold some selected games for only Php 77! Some of the games were discounted up to 75%! They also held a silent auction and played Werewolves party game where all of the participants had a chance to take home one (1) of any of the games displayed on the shelves!

Truly, this party was totally worth it! Can’t wait for the next Birthday, Gaming Lib! Here’s to more years (and geeky adventures) to come!