OPPO lend the winners of Unilab’s Ideas Positive 2018 a helping hand(set)!

Unilab and OPPO are making great ideas come to life!

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Want to see how change happens? Ideas Positive is the social program crafted by Unilab with changing the country one barangay at a time! It’s a contest for teams to pitch tangible ideas and seeing what can be done to best impact their community! This is Ideas Positive’s eighth year running!

From hundreds of entries, seventeen teams were chosen to implement their suggestions to help their communities! Each team received up to 100,000 pesos in funding to implement their projects! This year, OPPO has even reached out and given Oppo F5 Youths to all the teams to help out documenting their progress!

“OPPO believes that the youth plays a huge role in nation-building. We are glad to partner with Ideas Positive in supporting and empowering the Filipino youth,” said Eason De Guzman, OPPO Philippines’ PR Manager. “We have seen how enthusiastic and passionate the participants are in helping the communities. We hope that with OPPO’s support, the teams will be able to capture their best moments and share their wonderful stories and experiences with their communities,” de Guzman added.

Past winners of Ideas Positive have had successful projects such as reducing over 70 cases of diarrhea to 0 cases through education of how to properly handle mussels. Another successful project had a team provide safety equipment to improve the quality of life of broom makers in their community. And these are just a few of the most successful of Ideas Positive’s groups!

The Ideas Positive 2018 teams are already hard at work trying to implement their ideas in their communities! Results announcements will happen in August 2018! The team with the results with the highest impact will be getting a cash prize and incentives from the Unilab Foundation and OPPO!

For more info on Ideas Positive, check out their website or by checking out their Facebook page!

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