OPPO ranks THIRD in YouTube Ads Leaderboard for 2nd half of 2017!

OPPO Ad goes YouTube Viral!

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Due to the remarkably strong performance of their ad, OPPO ranked third in the Philippine YouTube Ads Leaderboard for the 2nd half of 2017 with their ‘OPPO F5 – Capture the Real You’ video Commercial! In case you haven’t seen it or you just wanna watch it again, here’s the video!


(From left to right) Google Philippines Country Marketing Manager Gabby Roxas, Google Philippines Country Manager Kenneth Lingan, OPPO Public Relations Manager Eason de Guzman, OPPO Brand Marketing Director Jane Wan and OPPO Digital Marketing Manager Leyan Moncera.


OPPO Philippines, one of the leading smartphone brands in the country, made this a 30-second commercial titled #CaptureTheRealYou. The video shows Alden Richards and Sarah Geronimo uncomfortably going through old beautified selfies which sorta depicts just how unnatural those things got.

Dem anime eyes 😛


And that’s exactly where the OPPO F5’s new A.I. Beauty Detection software shines! Not only does it adjust the lighting for photos, it also accurately detects your skin and adjusts it PER PERSON within the camera giving you a better selfie experience.


This video marks the first time OPPO has featured 2 of their endorsers in a single video and you could tell from all the fan buzz in the comments!  As of now, the ad already reached more than 4.6 million views in YouTube and is easily OPPO Philippines’ most viewed ad to date.


“Our shift towards more relevant ads makes us more favorable among consumers especially the youth who are digitally attached and captured by platforms like YouTube. We will continue this trend by listening to our consumers and provide them content that is relevant to all.” –  Eason de Guzman, OPPO Philippines Public Relations Manager


Curious about the OPPO F5? For more information check out OPPO’s official website! You can also check out our Geek Lifestyle Review of OPPO F5 YOUTH HERE!