OPPO takes it up a notch this April with the launch of the OPPO F7

Looks like April will be the best month for you to get a new smartphone.

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If you’ve been following the tech scene, particularly the mobile phones category, you’d notice a little-known trend happening in most of the Android phones coming out in the next few months of 2018. Yup, the iPhone X notch has invaded the Droid – or rather the Droid appropriating the notch. Regardless of your feelings for it, it seems it’s here to stay – especially on the various brand’s flagship model.

OPPO will not be left behind and thus posted this image on their social media page a few days back.

Notice the ingenious wink to the camera notch?

According to the press release that we’ve obtained, the F7 will be sporting an astonishing 6.23” Super Full Screen Display with an 89.9% screen to body ratio mix. This amazing display will be housed in a 5.5” smartphone frame. Wow.

It’s reported that it will have 2280 x 1080 screen resolution to ensure vivid imagery in any form of entertainment you may consume – even (and especially) mobile game.

More than the screen, the F7 is reported to include a multitude of innovative multi-tasking gestures to quickly do responses in social messaging apps, screenshots, or even screen recording. This should be able to maximize the notch – we’re assuming, of course, that the finger print scanner is now exclusively at the back.

Knowing OPPO’s penchant for the selfie cam, we’re anticipating the F7’s optics. At Ungeek, we’ve been using the OPPO F3 Plus’ front camera for majority of our vlogging coverages and when we need to record ourselves for podcast/ discussion panel style content.



“This April will surely be a big month for OPPO, and we encourage everyone to stay tuned as we reveal more details of the OPPO F7 and its innovative features soon,” according to Eason de Guzman, OPPO Philippines’ Public Relations Manager. With that, we can’t wait for this sure selfie expert to reveal itself and all its wonderful capabilities.

Stay tuned to Ungeek for more news and development on the OPPO F7.