As things were wrapping up during the Nintendo Direct today, we had just been fed some exciting information for paid content for Splatoon 2’s new DLC. The next video cuts final commentary off to show some more Splatoon content…and then BOOM! We are hit with news that all of us have been waiting for with bated breath… Super Smash Brothers is FINALLY COMING TO THE SWITCH!!!



I don’t know about you but I screamed so loud, I probably got a noise complaint from my neighbors. Since the release of the Switch a year ago, hardcore fans have been dying to know when a Smash Bros game would be coming for the new system. And now, we finally have an official confirmation that this is, in fact, happening very very soon!

Check out the VIDEO REVEAL here!

Okay, just watching this again gave me goosebumps. So there you have it!



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