These new Zoids Wild figures will make you want to buy ’em all!

Zoids Wild model kits will accompany the release of the new Zoids anime!

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Zoids Wild is the new highly awaited Zoids anime we’ve been waiting for! A new anime means new toys! That means Zoids Wild is getting an all-new set of model kits to celebrate the return of Zoids! Check out this video of the new Zoids in action!


The model kits for Zoids Wild will let you build the Zoid skeleton then overlay the armor! They can even move around as seen in the video!



The new Zoids Wild plastic model kits will hit the Japanese market in June! They’ll be priced at around 3,000 yen!


In addition to the Zoids Wild toys and anime, we can expect more Zoids media to appear in the future! Manga and games are just a few things we can expect in the future!

Have you seen the Zoids Wild anime teaser? Click here to check it out! 

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