5 Things that Hyped me up during the ZenFone 5 Launch!

High Five for The Zenfone 5!

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Just this weekend (April 14, 2018 to be exact), ASUS launched their ZenFone 5 line and it was pretty amazing! They came out with their most ambitious and most competitive line to date! But for me, here were the 5 highlights of the event that really hyped me up!



1. AIl A.I. Everything

Okay. Lemme be frank. My first thought was “This is how Skynet begins” (lol) but, in all seriousness, the AI tech they put on the phone made the ZenFone work so much harder for you. It finds the best camera settings for certain shots depending on the subject, it learns your sleeping patters so as to control the overnight charging of your phone, and so much more!


2. The Latest Qualcomm Chipsets

Okay, I won’t go too technical here. (For those of you who do want the low-down, you can check out our feature HERE) The main takeaway here is that those processors are pretty darn good. The ZenFone 5Q actually comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 which is optimized for everyday use. The ZenFone 5 comes with a Snapdragon 636 chipset which allows it to do Ai deep learning and optimization, mobile gaming, and manage a dual-camera system.  The ZenFone 5Z though… that’s just crazy! It comes with the LATEST  Snapdragon 845 which is top-of-the-line. Phones that come with that type of power, usually don’t come bearing this low of a price tag. (More on THAT later)


3. All that Camera Power Goodness

The cameras of the ZenFone 5 series are awesome! Not only does the AI assist make it so that usage is simplified but the camera themselves make taking quality photos such a breeze! All of them have dual cameras on the front and back, which lets you do so much more with your phone. Better selfies? Better photos? Better videos? These impressive camera specs have got you covered!


4. Excellent Pricing

THIS! This was what blew us away! The prices are UNBELIEVABLE! For what each model is packing, each of them is a STEAL! This was an amazing move that just put the competition on notice! The ZenFone 5Q is priced at PHP 16,995. The ZenFone 5 is just PHP 19,995. And their flagship, the ZenFone 5Z is a COMPLETE AND UTTER STEAL at PHP 29,995!


5. The Zenmoji is Hella Cute!

Last but not least, we have this little gem of a feature that ASUS introduced. I mean, who doesn’t love Zenny! With the Zenimoji feature, you can record expressions and lines which Zenny will mimic through his over 52 expressions! Now, THAT’S cute!


That’s it! Those were my Top 5 things that hyped me up during the ZenFone 5 launch! Were you there during the launch or did you watch via the livestream? Do you have another announcement that hyped you up that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!