Arena of Valor World Cup Breaks Another World Record!

The biggest prize pool of all competitive mobile MOBA games!

Garena Arena of Valor (AOV) announced last April 17, 2018, that the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) will take place in Los Angeles this year. Not only that, this year’s prize pool is expected to surpasses the current record of PHP 26,000,000 for last year’s Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC). With a whopping PHP 29,000,000 prize money, AWC’s prize pool breaks the world record for mobile MOBA eSports!


9 regions (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines, Korea, Europe, North America, and South America) with 12 world-class eSports teams will compete for glory and bounty in Los Angeles this summer.

To further encourage creativity, innovation, and excellence from these world-class teams, AWC 2018 also introduces rewards for individual players with each player getting a chance to earn titles like “MVP of AWC”, “Best Killer”, “Best Support”, and “Best Tank”.


The Top 4 teams coming from Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines (MSP) region will be invited to compete against the Top 4 teams of last year’s Valor Cup (Clutch Guild, Wil New Era, M8Hexa, PenangFood, and Tamago) in the Road to AWC 2018. The Champion in Road to AWC 2018 will be appointed by MSP to represent the Valiant Server Team. Follow their journey through the Garena Facebook fanpage.

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