Exciting times ahead! ASUS ROG just outed a new Zephyrus!

OH MY--! O_O

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In a livestream today, ASUS ROG PH just showcased and announced a whole slew of gaming laptops that ushers in the latest Intel 8th-Gen Processor with a new line of Zephyrus headlining the presentation. Welcome the Zephyrus GX501 and Zephyrus M!



The best-selling and most-craved top-of-the-line gaming laptop of ASUS ROG last year is back and it brought its baby brother with it.


If you don’t know what an ROG Zephyrus is, it’s really just the world’s thinnest gaming laptop equipped with an NVIDIA GTX1080 that you lug around like an ultrabook. Yup, imagine a sort of macbook pro but with the internals of Alienware.


This time around the refresh model of the GX501 Zephyrus will be equipped with latest-gen Intel Core Processor and still have the NVIDIA GTX 1080 and a screen to die for – ultra-fast 144 Hz refresh rate IPS panel with G-sync and with a 3-millisecond response time. This means you get the smoothest, most color-accurate graphics regardless of your viewing angle. Mmm…butter. 😊

The Zephyrus this time around comes with ASUS Aura Sync for more RGB Goodness.


The Zephyrus M is a “lite” model, but that doesn’t mean the unit lacks in gaming prowess. Au contraire, the Zephyrus M packs a wallop because of a whole lot of key redesign elements including the centrally placed RGB Keyboard with Aura Sync, 3x better battery life and a new Optimus mode that allows the GPU to be switched off manually to increase usage further when not gaming. The thermal cooling is also improved significantly with a higher rise than its predecessor and the inclusion of the ROG Exclusive Active Aerodynamic system, ROG infused Liquid crystal polymers which increases the fan size by 33%, airflow by 15% and the fan blades to 71. This is further boosted by the Hyper Cool design with Duo-Copper Thermal solution, 12-volt fan and Anti-Dust Thermal tunnels for maximum cooling efficiency. Here’s the kicker, with this improved thermal design, the Zephyrus M is now able to fit in a FULL GTX1070P inside its ultra-thin chassis. That is insane!


Availability of the Zephyrus and the Zephyrus M won’t be for another month or so, but ASUS Philippines already revealed the prices for these badboys. The GX501 equipped with a discreet NVIDIA GTX 1080, Intel i7-8750 and a 1TB + 512 SSD with 16G of RAM is currently priced at Php 189,995. Price drops significantly for the Zephyrus M’s 1070 variant at Php 149,995 and 1060 variant at Php 119,995.

If you’re looking for superb gaming capabilities hidden in a sleek, suave (and ridiculously sexy) machine, the Zephyrus  and Zephyrus M is clearly up your alley.

The Zephyrus can be configured with an 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8850 Hexa-Core Processor, 2TB HDD and 512gb PCIEx4 Nvme SSD, 32GB of DDR4 Ram and a 144Hz IPS Panel with G-Sync. The I/O ports are complete with HDMI 2.0, USB Type C with Thunderbolt, Multi USB 3.1 type A ports and the usual Headphone/Headset/Microphone jack.

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