In Photos: We Unbox The God of War Collector’s Edition!

Time to unbox this beast!

Manila, Philippines – The day has finally arrived gamers! One of the most anticipated games this year has finally hit our friendly local game stores and from the looks of it, the latest installment to God of War is shaping up to be a strong contender for game of the year which you really should not miss! (Check out our gleaming review right here).


For the old-school fans who were there since the first installment way, way back on the PlayStation 2, you probably didn’t pass up on the shiny-new collector’s edition. In case you missed it, you can check out all the awesomeness in our unboxing of the game. But first take a look at the box above!


So here’s what you’ll get will the collector’s edition. Let’s start from here then work our way up shall we? Here’s all the digital swag you’ll be getting!:

Digital Content

  • Death’s Vow armor set
  • Exile’s Guardian Shield
  • Dark Horse digital comic
  • Dark Horse artbook
  • PS4 dynamic theme


Drawstring Bag

Carry your precious metals in style with this elegantly crafted drawstring bag. I’m thinking of multiple uses for this in my boardgame sessions.



From what I’ve heard this accessory is exclusive to consumers in Asia. The charm features the game’s iconic “Omega” logo.


Cloth Map

For when you want to wipe your sweat (or possibly tears?) when playing the game. Oh, and it can also function as a map if you so choose.


Exclusive Lithograph

The pictire depicts a detailed illustration of Kratos and his son Atreus facing some enemies in the game called “Darugers”.


Letter From the Developer

This is with connection to the lithograph above, which gives us a bit of backstory (and inspiration) on how this new installment even came to be. Amazing.


Huldra Brother’s Carvings

The famous brothers that crafted the games infamous weapon  called the Leviathan Axe (replacing the Blades of Chaos). Think of it like Thor’s Hammer but instead of pounding, it cleaves.


9-Inch Kratos and Atreus Statue

Let’s face it, this is probably the reason you are getting this! This highly detailed statue is definitely a worthy addition to any PlayStation fanboy’s collection. Just take a look at all its glory in the gallery below:


Though the bundle is missing the usual art book, I have to say that the God of War Collector’s edition is one of the best CE’s released this year by far.


Drooling for more? God of War is available TODAY for the PlayStation 4. Take our word… Get it!

(Thanks to Daphne)