Netflix and F1 will be coming up with a series documenting the 2018 F1 season!

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Back in the day, I used to follow F1 seasons religiously. Year after year, I would root for Ferrari as they battled it out with Mercedes head to head during the Schumacher vs. Hakkinen era. Fast forward to 2018 and the races have just gotten more exciting and it just makes me want to know more about what goes behind the scenes before and after the races we see on TV. Enter Netflix as they have just recently announced a season long collaboration with F1 that will culminate in an original documentary series of the 2018 F1 season!


This Netflix original series will be the first to truly immerse the audience inside the cockpits, the paddock and the lives of the key players in Formula 1. The series will have unparalleled and exclusive access to the world’s fastest drivers, team principals and owners, as well as Formula 1’s own management team.

“Formula 1 is a global sport that we are actively repositioning from a motorsport company to a media and entertainment brand,” Sean Bratches, F1 Managing Director of Commercial Operations said. “The agreement with Netflix serves to chronicle the fascinating story of what transpires behind the scenes during a grand prix season. This is a perspective of the sport that has yet to be unveiled to fans around the world. This series will unleash a compelling vantage point to the sport that will delight fans and serve as a catalyst to entice new fans.”

Added Ian Holmes, Director of Media rights: “There is nothing like F1, its layers of engineering complexity, allied to the enormity of human endeavour required to get through a Grand Prix season. The chance to present our sport through Netflix, to their worldwide audience, in an original and unique format, is something that we are very much looking forward to. This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase F1 and attract new fans to the sport.”

It ain’t out for a least 1 more year but hey, if the 2018 season is as good as that first race in Australia, you better fasten your seat belt coz it’ll be 2019 before you know it!