[THEORY] 5 People who will most likely Die In Infinity War (and How we think it happens)

Remember, this is just a theory... A FILM THEORY! *Shoutout to MatPat*

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NOTE: We’d like to preface that these are just theories and none of them are based on fact. In no way do we know the actual outcome and/or plot of Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War is almost upon us like Tony Stark on Shawarma. The latest Marvel Movie is the culmination of over 10 years of fantastic Marvel Cinematic Universe goodness and sees the Mad Titan Thanos and his armies devastate the Earth in search of the Infinity Stones. As such, there are sure to be some big impactful moments in Infinity War that’ll change the MCU for good, and not the least of which are character deaths. So here are the 5 People who are most likely to bite the dust in the war against the Mad Titan.


Honorable Mentions: Gamora and Nebula

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Let’s start off the list with some honorable wildcards in our Infinity War dead-pool. First off, Gamora is honestly almost as likely to buy the Barton Farm as her sister Nebula. The key difference between Thanos’ daughters lies in Gamora always being the better one in combat despite Nebula’s “upgrades” which were forced onto her by the Mad Titan. It also doesn’t hurt that Gamora is key member of the Guardian of the Galaxy and Star Lord’s main love interest so I imagine she gets more “Plot Armor” than her sister.

I do imagine that the sisters will stand side-by-side in battle against Thanos himself, finally fighting as one against their demented father. And in a final sequence, Nebula takes a fatal blow for her sister, proving that she finally bested her, while giving Gamora a chance to finish the fight. Should that happen, it would then mark the second time I ugly-cry for a Guardians character (Yondu, whyyy)

On to the list!



First up, is everyone’s favorite god of mischief and treachery, Loki. Odin’s adopted son has had quite a bit of a redemption arc as of late, stepping forward to aid his brother escape the planet of Sakaar and standing with him against the forces of Hela. However, Loki has served as Thanos’ agent in the past and has failed miserably to execute the Invasion of Earth. Let’s also not forget to mention that he lost 2 of the Infinity Stones entrusted to him and has promptly gone into hiding. I don’t imagine Thanos being particularly forgiving regarding those factors.

Add that to the fact that the Infinity War Trailer picks up seemingly where the post-credits scene of Thor Ragnarok left off. In case you forgot, it’s when the Asgardian Ship is intercepted by Thanos’ impossibly larger one in which we then see Loki offering up the Tesseract (AKA the Space Stone that he swiped at the end of Ragnarok) to Thanos. This interaction is seemingly in exchange for the life of Thor whom Thanos holds by his side. One would assume that once Thanos gets hold of the Space stone, however, all of Loki’s failures would then be accounted against him and, in a sick show of honor, Thanos lets go of Thor and offs his brother instead. Emergency life jackets are promptly dispersed as the movie theater begins to flood with tears.



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Let’s be honest, the MCU has been setting the sun on Robert Downey Jr.’s phenomenal Tony Stark/Iron-Man for what seems like 3-4 movies now. He just ends up popping back up in the next movie despite his many faux retirements. Not that that’s a bad thing really, since Downey Jr.’s Iron-Man was the witty, charming, charismatic brick that the Avengers Tower was built on and every moment he’s on-screen is a treat like no Mediterranean wrap can ever compare to.

However, they have to pull the plug on him somehow and what better way to do it than in the Infinity War. I doubt that the end for Tony would come in combat though, I imagine a scene similar to the end of the first Avengers movie where he takes it upon himself to save everyone from Thanos’ final world-ending threat. However, unlike in Avengers, This time there’s no Hulk to catch him from the sky, no sudden miraculous drawing of breath. The sacrifice is final and pure.

It doesn’t have to be the end though, he could live on as a snarky A.I. for the new set of Avengers and the world will definitely honor him as best and as beautifully as they possibly could. But for the most part, it would definitely be a fitting end for the man that “started it all”.



Steve Rogers has always been a guy who I felt was living on borrowed time, doing amazing things he should’ve never been meant to do. Interestingly enough, behind the scenes, life imitates art. Chris Evans’ contract expires at the end of Avengers 4, which was filmed back-to-back with Infinity War. It’s very likely that all that borrowed time catches up to the First Avenger as he returns heroically into the void having forever changed the world in his brief time away from time.

It’s hard to imagine an end for Captain America that doesn’t involve his closest friends, Tony and Bucky. Their dynamic was front and center in the MCU Civil War with Steve standing between his two friends while forced to make a difficult choice. Infinity War might echo a similar scene wherein Cap is forced to choose between his two friends. He chooses neither but both at the same time, offering himself in sacrifice. The act unites Bucky and Tony and galvanizes their friendship in honor of their fallen friend as Steve finally gets that dance with Peggy. Lord knows she’s been waiting.



Scarlet Witch gets the second spot for me simply because of her relationship to The Vision (More on him later). Wanda’s life has always been defined by death – her family was killed by a Stark explosive, prompting his hatred of the man; Her twin brother Quicksilver, died at the hands of Ultron in the Battle of Sokovia; Her failure to prevent the deaths of the Wakandan humanitarian workers in Lagos which traumatizes and tortures her mentally all throughout Civil War.

As is implied heavily in the trailers of Infinity War, she faces yet another death – that of the man she loves, The Vision. Scarlet Witch might see this as her chance to finally refuse to have death run roughshod on her life. Perhaps she uses a final spell to turn the tide of battle, hold off a powerful attack, or even resurrect Vision directly. One thing is clear though: the Magic takes its toll on the Witch and she crumbles into a lifeless heap, finally saying “No More” to Death itself.



Finally, The most likely candidate to bite the vibranium bullet, The Vision. It’s been ALL OVER the trailers, Thanos’ Black Order standing over the Vision trying to extract the Mind Stone that’s the source of his powers and consciousness. If I were a betting man, this is where I’d put all my autographed Captain America baseball cards on.

Thanos is hell-bent in grabbing all the Stones for the Infinity Gauntlet and it would be quite a let down if we don’t see full power of the fearsome glove in action. Despite presumably surviving the encounter with the Black Order in the trailer, I predict that the end of the Vision (barring some last minute heroics from Scarlet Witch) would come at the very end of the movie as well. The Battle of Wakanda would be in full swing with the Outriders having seemingly infinite numbers but the Avengers stand strong. A portal opens and out comes Thanos and the Black Order. The Gauntlet is shown, nearly complete, (they find the Soul Stone somewhere) and the last remaining piece sits atop Vision’s head. Thanos is completely unstoppable and he carves a path through Wakandans and Avengers alike. His trail of destruction leads him to having The Vision in his clutches. He brutally crushes the robot’s body to extract the Mind Stone. The Gauntlet is complete. There is only silence and dread and despair. With the Gauntlet in full focus, Thanos snaps his fingers. And the movie ends.




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