80’s and 90’s gamers, make some noise! If you’re old enough to have played the Mega Man series from way back, you’ll know that 2 of the more iconic titles in the series was 2 and X, which Capcom knows well! That’s why they’ve decided to do a cartridge re-release for nostalgia gamers and collectors alike! Check out the details below!


iam8bit recently published a listing of Mega Man 2 on the NES and Mega Man X on the SNES and gamers are going crazy! Nostalgia is a steep price to pay though, as each of the games will set you back a cool 100$ each! Check out the Mega Man 2 images below.


Most gamers will be able to relate more to Mega Man X than 2, and iam8bit has you covered as well, check out the image and details for the re-release below.


Both games will re-release with boxes and will be limited to 8,500 units per game. 1 in 8 carts will be more special as the cart will feature a special glow in the dark casing!

Try out your luck and throw your money at the screen because these will be selling out fast!


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