Our Fun Horror-filled Experience at Crypticon 2018!

No, this is not a cryptocurrency event

Crypti-what? You heard that right. Crypticon. A place where horror meets fun. Think of it like going to Comic-Con, but instead of being greeted by Sailor Moon and Goku, you instead see demons, monsters, and blood (oh my!). I’ll admit that I had no idea this event existed until my good friend Chris Wyatt told me he will be showing a short horror film at the event. Excited at the opportunity I decided to take a “stab” at it – from meeting vendors, networking with producers, writers, makeup artists, and who can forget the after party! Did it meet expectations? Does a bear take a dump in the woods?


As soon as I walked through the doors, I already knew the atmosphere would be unique, yet familiar of other con events. You have vendors, cosplayers / fans who dress up, celebrities, etc. I never once felt out of place even with my Ralph Wookie shirt (c’mon it was Star Wars day after all!) and everyone I met were more than happy to take pictures and chat.


It was awesome to see so many people into what they have a passion for; whether it was writing, producing, promoting their business, it didn’t matter. They all have love for the horror industry and I couldn’t help but get sucked into the entire vibe and energy of Crypticon! It didn’t take long for me to indulge my heart and soul in the event’s atmosphere. 


I met some brilliant authors and publishers who I could talk days on end with just about anything and everything in life. For instance, Maria Giakoumatos, Charity Becker, T.J. Tranchell and team; they did not try to push their books on you, rather they spoke to you as down-to-earth people! Not only that, I got their autographs and a dope ass cartoon drawing of vampire Maria sucking the lifeline out of me.



“So…what about them celebs you were talking about, son?”

Well, I’m glad you asked! Old school horror fans may recognize names such as Barbara Crampton, Jeffrey Combs, P.J. Soles, and more. If you are more into a recently popular, yet old school dude, Richard “The Night King” Brake was in the house (also known for Joe Chill; who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne in Batman Begins) along with Mick Foley the badass WWE/WCW wrestler (though I did not get to meet Mick due to having a day pass only).


“Writers, producers, etc? What were they like?”

You ever heard of Luchagore Productions? They made a presence there as well with their fabulous booth. They didn’t even charge to take a picture of their beautiful team! Whereas in some con events some people do. Nope. These people rock!

I cannot say this enough. All the folks there have a passion for what they do and who they do it for…the fans. In the world we live in today, that is a rare commodity so I was thoroughly impressed with the environment of Crypticon.


Horror Films Time!

After a couple rounds of meet and greets, the main event was about to start. Horror short films! One of the “soul” reasons why people come to this event. To see what the non-Hollywood industry has to offer. As Brian (one of the main organizers of the event) stated, “There is something different about the Pacific Northwest. We don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s there.” From friendly folks renting out their mansions to small productions crews to the type of film they want to create. It is a unique feeling.

I arrived in the film room ready to absorb the movies these folks worked so hard on with grace and beauty…(well, if bloody body parts, brain swaps, cooking with said body parts, and of course vampires are graceful and beautiful that is.) I cannot go into much detail about the films themselves. However, I will say I had my eyes glued to the screen and did not miss a single second! You could tell some people were nervous to show their film but super excited at the same time. Chris Wyatt for example was sweating bullets, at first. However when the superstar filmmakers name was shown on the screen, you could hear the crowd SCREAMING and CHEERING for the guy. There was just so much love for these people, it was mind-blowing. Hell, I was jumping up and down for Chris because I knew how much work he puts into his film. Suffice to say, after his film “The Party” was over and you see the credits rolling with music from Lions Ambition, we all wanted to see a sequel (that ending, man…). I personally didn’t want the party to end (pun intended). Afterward Chris was awesome enough to do a quick interview and a shout out to Ungeek and its readers.

Chris Wyatt acting super chill with a bloody torturer


As the day winded down, I was about to leave until Gigi from Luchadore productions asked, “Hey are you guys going to the after party?” Wait…an after party? Like get your drinks on party and socialize with folks? Hell yeah count me in! Hilariously, the party was on the 13th floor (similar to how the 4th floor is bad in Asia).


“What was the after party like?”

My fam, this party was off the hook! $2 drinks? Cool ass people in costumes representing? My heart and soul still intact? Get out of here! You will not find a better horror after party for an event like this. I got to meet people from the industry, network out, and, on top of that, party like it was 1999 (R.I.P Prince). Not only that, I may get a part in short film to be killed off. I mean who doesn’t want to see themselves be killed in a movie.



“So should I attend next year? Is it worth it?”

Hey, did you read this at all? YES YES and YES! If you are a true horror fan, you must come to the next Crypticon event. You will not be disappointed. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a little thrill and excitement in their busy lives? I know I will be there again to be a part of the amazing Crypticon family and atmosphere!


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Thank you all for the time you spent with us!