Shelved Plans for a Final Fantasy Tactics Sequel Surfaces Online

They need to make this happen!

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Final Fantasy Tactics 2!? Please make this happen!

Not only is it pleasing to know that Final Fantasy XIV‘s “Return to Ivalice” raid series sees Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno reunite with his old team, fans who were glued to the FFXIV promotional livestream on the said event got an unexpected treat when Matsuno revealed assets that showed shelved plans for a Final Fantasy Tactics sequel.

Check out the gallery below (courtesy of umadori0726):


Not much detail was said aside from featuring some job classes and the move to make 2D hexagonal map stages. It was said that during development of Vagrant Story – another great game in the final years of the PlayStation One, Hiranobu Sakaguchi on the side was also planning a sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics. Sadly, According to Matsuno it was ultimately scrapped because of various reasons.

Source: umadori0726