Uniqlo releases the Murakami X Doraemon Collection

Uniqlo is at it again!

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The famous robotic cat receives a limited edition plush toy from Uniqlo based on Takashi Murakami’s unique design from the exhibit Create Your Own Doraemon.  With the collaboration of Uniqlo UT this limited edition plush toy finally comes to life.



The main design for this plush toy is from Murakami’s work “Anna koto iina dekitara iina” that was displayed from the Doraemon exhibit with other more Doraemon inspired artworks. This certain piece harbors Murakami’s signature flower patterns alongside main characters Doraemon and Nobita. Fans of the famous series will be nostalgic when they see some of the characters humorous facial expressions.

The Doraemon UT lineup also includes tees with designs from the manga. These designs depict the humorous world of Doraemon that includes Nobita begging for help from Doraemon and some familiar gadgets of Doraemon like the Take-copter and even the Dokedemo Door. You can check the whole collection and other designs here.


You can purchase your very own Doraemon plush toy at Uniqlo stores along with other Doraemon-designed T-shirts. Stocks are highly limited and each customers can only purchase a maximum of 2 plush dolls at a time. While stocks in the more visited Uniqlo branches may run low, there are some stores that are reported to have a bit more stock (looking at you Uniqlo Clark). So head on over to the nearest Uniqlo Stores out there and grab one supplies last!