Upcoming Patch Fixes and Updates for God of War (2018)

Time for some patchwork

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Updates for God of War are coming in the next patch for the game and are aimed to fix some known infrequent crashes, bugs, and some compatibility issues. A few weeks ago, a patch created some HDR issues which finally get addressed in this fix. Even prior to this, the game was already bombarded with updates to provide some increase in text sizes and fix some display scaling bug that causes the display to not show in full picture with some TVs.


For a quick summary, here are the things you can expect from the upcoming patch:

  • The introduction of Photo Mode: Soon you will be able to pause the action and take some multi layered in-game photos from different angles.
  • Text Size: More text options that provides a global increase to text size in all menus and subtitles making adjustable and easier to read.
  • Remapped Rage Mode: Developers are planning for an additional controller option which remaps the Rage Mode to a new designated button.
  • Stability and performance enhancements for a better gameplay experience.


Meanwhile, investigation is still ongoing regarding a reported issue of starting a New Game that results in missing some dialogues which causes a possible progression block. Right now, the only solution is closing down the application before making a new playthrough.

For more news and updates be posted here in ungeek or visit the God of War official website or facebook page