5 Big Changes to Smash Bros. Ultimate That Will Make A Huge Impact In Gameplay

Something to think about.

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Even before the live E3 Nintendo Direct, fans already knew what they were expecting for their beloved Smash. Now the livestream has come and gone, it is pretty obvious that Nintendo really wanted to heavily promote Smash Bros. Ultimate (As if the 25-minute feature for the game wasn’t telling enough).

For those who watched patiently like a hawk earlier, you probably noticed some major changes that will drastically affect how you will approach the game the first time you pick it up. To the people who missed it, here are 5 changes to Smash that will make an impact for Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Keep in mind that this is not a definitive list, as changes might arise when the full game releases in December. So without further ado, here we go!

1. Technical Moves are Easier to Perform

If you’ve played Smash since its Nintendo 64 days, you’ll probably know that behind the cute exterior of the game is a really deep fighting system with a lot of technical moves to master. This time around, it seems that the developers wanted to level the playing field by giving the newcomers an easier time in performing certain moves such as the short hops and air-dashes.

2. The Emphasis on Assist Trophies

Assist Trophies, for those not in the know are those awesome little items that provide some advantage for the player who threw them. The effects greatly vary, adding a lot of replayabilty and not to mention variety to the user. This time around, some of these trophies can now act as another character entering the stage – meaning they can get damaged or even count as a KO against you if your opponent managed to land a Smash. I have yet to experience it in actual gameplay but from the way they showcase this feature during the livestream, these Assist Trophies really is something worth noting in the future.

3. Stage Select Before Character Select

Now this I didn’t expect. As we all know, stages play a huge factor in Smash because of the multiple environmental hazards that can either help or hinder a player. This matters because sometimes, stage awareness can really make or break a match.

4. Lots and Lots of Character Variability

Aside from the roster – having every Smash character from the first to the recent (and I mean everyone!) There are also “echo” versions of characters, not to mention your prized/trained amiibos and every little balance change that they are bringing this time.

And oh, there’s also Ridley who can really mess things around.

5. Final Smashes are Shorter, so you can get to the pace back quickly

As from what it looks like in the trailer, it seems that all (or most, at least) of the characters Ult’s seem to be much shorter this time around. This change in momentum, though not much of a huge leap in gameplay, is a nice change of pace, especially for players who want to get back to the action much more quicker.

There you have it! Have something we missed out? Send it in the comments below! Smash Bros. Ultimate will be out for the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.