Battlefield V starts EA Play with a Look into its Single and Multiplayer Modes!

A look into what Battlefield 5 has to offer!

The first of the E3 Press Conferences, EA Play, is now underway and we start with Battlefield V from the get-go! We did get some details in as well as this sick video!


We finally get more info on what Battlefield V will be all about:

  • Single Player Mode
    • Focuses on stories of heroism
    • Nordly’s War Story
      • More info about this on the XBox Briefing!
  • Multiplayer
    • Destruction System in full effect (No hiding from tanks)
    • Vehicles can latch on to artillery to be towed alongside them
    • Squad System to encourage a new level of teamplay to the game
  • Grand Operations Mode
    • Battle Royale Mode


Battlefield V is set to have a staggered release. EA and Origin Access players will get it on October 18 then, for the people who pre-ordered the Deluxe edition, they’ll be able to play it starting October 16. Standard edition will then be available to everyone on October 19.