CONQuest Esports Convention returns this July 28-29 at Iloilo

    Expecting an even bigger CONQuest this year!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Its back and bigger than ever! The first esports and multimedia convention of Western Visayas is back this year as ISC Events announced the second CONQuest Festival!

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    With the support of Iloilo City government and the office of councilor Candice Tupas, CONQuest 2018 aims to become a huge spectacle to promote the booming industry of competitive esports and to develop a bigger enthusiast community in the region.

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    “Iloilo has shown time and time again that it has the numbers needed for a national-level event. It’s time to give the ilonggos and the Visayas what they deserve with a world-class event.” – Justin Banusing, ISC Events Director

    This year’s CONQuest has double the days and a bigger space, covering the entirety of the Casa Real building (formerly the Iloilo Capitol building). Expect more activities in store for atendees, including the Garena League of Legends Collegiate Visayan Conference, Western Visayas Cosplay Clash,  “Questalks” panel discussions, and “Artisan’s Alley” which features the region’s finest digital artist and more.

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    “CONQuest was built to grow the collegiate scene as well as local enthusiast communities. That’s why we’re making CONQuest 2018 bigger and better. The scene won’t grow if we are complacent. With the help of the Iloilo City government, we believe we can do great things this year.” -Krizzian Hernando, ISC Events Assistant Director

    So why not become part of this remarkable event? Tickets will be priced at PHP 119 for 1 day, PHP 179 for 2 days.

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