Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s opening theme song — A Cruel Angel’s Thesis, is one of the most popular anime opening songs ever! Up til now, every anime fan will no doubt cheer and shout when this song is played; it’s even played still in karaoke bars across Japan.

The song was just released again last June 20 as a double A-side single alongside Eva’s “Tamashii no Refrain” song, both of which were still performed by Yoko Takahashi. To celebrate, King Records has released a full HD music video for A Cruel Angel’s Thesis. The video includes memorable scenes from the 1998 anime series, as well as the End of Evangelion movie.

Watch the new music video below:


Evangelion assitant director Masayuki directed the music video, with help from Rebuild of Evangelion co-director Kazuya Tsurumaki.


Aside from directing the new music video, Masayuki also created a special cover art for the single release. The cover art features EVA unit 01, with the series’ ‘Angels” adorning the mech’s body.

Via Crunchyroll.


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