Forza Horizon 4 races its way to the Xbox One in October

One of the best racers is back and it means business!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Arguably the best racing game out there for quite a while now, Forza is finally back and is out to take the throne once again, this time in full 4K 60FPS glory as it hits the Xbox One in 2018! Check out the reveal trailer below!

Leaks have been widespread about the setting of Horizon 4 and based on the trailer, we finally have confirmation about the next game in this fantastic open world series will be set in Britain and apart from that, it looks to be like there will be new vehicles and customization options! Weather conditions are integral to the game as changing seasons will greatly affect the world, bringing a new driving experience everytime. Forza Horizon 4 will be an open world adventure so call on your friends to join you in an

Forza Horizon 4 is set to release exclusively for the Xbox One in October 2nd, 2018! Stay tuned and catch all the news from E3 2018 here at Ungeek!