Here’s How to Get That Mesmerizing (And Free!) PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme | E3 2018

Get it before its gone!

ONE Store Beta Now Available


There’s this really mesmerizing new theme for the PlayStation 4 that released for free during E3 time. Thing is, getting it isn’t as easy as downloading it from your beloved console as you need a make a bit of effort in acquiring it. For those who missed Sony’s Live E3 Press Conference, there is still a way to get this cool theme.

Keep in mind though that to get this, you need to have an R1 (USA) PlayStation account for you to download it. Here’s what you have to do:

1. From your mobile device, download the Experience Playstation application from Google Play or Appstore.
2. Log-in with your R1 (USA) PlayStation account.
3. On the bottom-right portion of the app, click QUEST. Redeem the code by going to Home then select the E3 2018 event and finally, go to Quest.
4. On your PlayStation 4 console, log-in with your R1 account then redeem your theme using the code provided.

And that’s it! From there you can switch to your other PlayStation accounts like R2 and R3 and still have the dynamic theme present!