Quick Interview and an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK inside the PlayStation Store by iTech

Just whetting your gaming appetite.

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Excitement has been brewing ever since we saw the boarded up signage of the PlayStation Store at the SM North EDSA Annex a few weeks back. Finally! A dedicated PlayStation store is opening in the Philippines and we’re about to witness the grand launch in a few hours.

In a stroke of luck (and a bit of pestering), we’re able to get a Sneak Photo of what it looks inside. It’s just a small cropped photo but enough to get us super excited for what’s to come for this store. We were also able to have a quick chat with their Operations Head, Ms. Percey Calos about the PlayStation Store and their plans for the future.

PlayStation Store Sneak Peek SM North EDSA Annex

Ungeek (UG): First of all, thank you for allowing us to see a sneak peek behind this incredible store. Can you state your name and your involvement in this project?
Percey Calos (PC): “No problem! My name is Percey Calos and I’m the in charge of the Operations of the first authorized PlayStation Store in the country!”
UG: We already have various local distributors that sell official PlayStation games, consoles and accessories, what made iTech decide that it’s time to create a solely PlayStation Store for the Philippines?
PC: “There wasn’t one before! We want a bigger (stronger) presence for one of the biggest players in the console market, PlayStation. We want to create a space that will be especially exciting and enticing for both old-time hardcore fans and casual customers.”

UG: Given this, what sets the PlayStation Store apart from other local video game retailers (Datablitz, Toy Kingdom, iTech, etc)? What makes the space different and why should people visit the PS Store? 

PC: “For one, this is the first official Sony-partnered store in the Philippines. The Playstation Store, in partnership with iTech, aims to provide all the latest products from Sony under its PlayStation line. We want to be to bring the gaming experience to everyone.” 

UG: What Products, apart from the usual PlayStation 4 games and accessories, will be offered in the store? Will we finally get various PS Gear Store items here?
PC: “Yup! We will be having official PlayStation Gears like shirts / jackets and hopefully we’ll be adding more in the coming months.” 
UG: Speaking of PS Gear, licensed PlayStation products (especially apparels) can be quite costly. Is the Philippine market ready for that? 
PC: “Oh definitely! We tested this out during ESGS 2017 when iTech brought some officially-licensed PlayStation apparels in and they sold considerably well. We saw that there is a huge demand for this and we’re excited to see how customers respond to what we have in store for them over at the PlayStation Store.” 
UG: I think one of the key questions our readers may have is will the PlayStation Store offer exclusive events such as advanced game demos or game dev meet and greets, or even advanced game trials or the likes?
PC: “Well, we can’t pre-empt the launch yet but we definitely have something in mind for them. So do stay tuned for announcements on what exciting stuff we’ll have for customers. :)”

UG: Will the PlayStation Store offer exclusive deals such as special discounts/ bundles/ collectors editions/ etc. that cannot be found anywhere else? 

PC: “Yes, we will have exclusive deals only for PlayStation Store.” 

UG: Okay, that got us suuuper excited! Any final message to our readers about the PlayStation Store?

PC: “Please drop by the PlayStation Store at 4th Level of SM North EDSA Annex! We’re excited to have you over and experience a whole new level of PlayStation retail shopping.” 

And there you have it, Ungeek will be on-ground later this afternoon during the official unveiling of the PlayStation Store. Check back at the site for more info and updates.