Smart’s Free YouTube promo extend to Postpaid Consumers

Watching our YouTube videos an hour a day will not deplete your mobile data!

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A couple of months back, we reported that Smart offered its Prepaid subscribers excellent value by giving them an hour of YouTube for free per day as long as they’re subscribed to the prescribed plans. During that time, however, no plans were revealed for their Post-Paid counterparts. Well, that changes today.

Now, as if you’re a SMART, SUN or TNT Postpaid subscriber (except for Sun Fixed Load Plan Subscribers) you get an instant hour of YouTube binging per day without adding to your mobile data charges. This means adding a bit of buffer to your data allocation which you can use elsewhere (i.e. mobile gaming, downloading files, checking emails). An hour of YouTube at 720p equates to almost 1G worth of usage. This means that with this promo enacted, you’re getting roughly 30-31Gigs worth of YouTube Mobile Data allocation per month. That, sir, is larger than pretty much any data plan out there.

“YouTube is a powerful platform for learning and discovery, and we are glad to make it accessible to all our prepaid and postpaid customers, who can now enjoy an unmatched library of entertaining and informative content to pursue their passions and develop new skills and hobbies,” said Oscar A. Reyes, Jr., SVP of Consumer Business Market Development for PLDT and Smart.

“This strengthens our push to bring the widest breadth of content at the fingertips of our customers so they can experience a more meaningful and enhanced digital lifestyle,” he added.

The great thing about this promo, you do not have to register anymore. If you’re a valid Postpaid Subscriber, you already have it! This promo comes quite perfect as Ungeek is gearing to flood our YouTube Channel with more video content from our upcoming Computex (June 3-6) and E3 (June 12-14) Coverage — pretty much like the one above from our Tokyo Game Show coverage. 😀  Check our channel out for more geek videogame news and creative content!