The next Overwatch hero is… a hamster?!

    A hamster riding a mech mind you


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    Wait, is Blizzard serious about this?! The official Overwatch Facebook and Twitter pages just uploaded a short clip entitled “Champion Revealed.” Well, it seems to be a tease of the next Overwatch hero, and it’s a mech-riding hamster.

    Yes that’s right, a hamster, riding a mech.

    Don’t believe me? Just watch the clip:

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    Well if you thought that having a month-old omnic (Orisa) as a hero is not impressive (or insane) enough, this robot-riding hamster here should impress you. I for one can’t wait to try my hands on him!

    I’m willing to bet he’ll play like D.Va, if D.Va was a hamster that is.


    The new hero will likely be named Hammond, as he was teased just a few days ago by Overwatch social media pages. But I’m pretty sure no one expected Hammond to literally be a hamster. Who am I kidding, the game already has a crazy-intelligent gorilla as a hero, so Hammond would fit right in the game!

    If Hammond is truly the next hero, then I only have one question: Where is jetpack cat Blizzard!?


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